Goals of Medicine In This Field Of Pharmaceutical products


Medicine is the science and discipline of treating a patient completely with care and handling the whole diagnosis, treatment, prevention, palliation or recovery of the patient. The major focus areas of medicine are generally surgery, diagnostics, preventive, surgical, therapeutic and rehabilitative practices. Medicine covers all fields of health science practiced by medical professionals to maintain and improve health by the prevent and treatment of disease. The modern medicine places great stress on prevention of diseases by keeping the environment clean and safe and educating children about health and hygiene. It also takes timely measures to respond to emergencies and provide immediate care to patients on this health site.

A physician has the responsibility to make the best possible use of all available resources, such as technology and education, in his or her attempt to keep the patient’s physical and mental health at optimum levels. A primary goal of medicine is to assure that the patient is capable of following and performing his or her basic functions normally while being assisted by another trained person in the process. The second goal is to help the patient to accomplish the basic functions of life, while allowing the disability or illness to continue one step at a time. Common examples of these functions include: maintenance of the general condition, the development of the physical capacity, and maintenance of psychological well-being on this medical site.

The primary goals of medicine include treating the illness or disability, preventing complications, and improving the quality of life. Common complications in advanced age include failing eyesight, urinary and circulatory problems, heart failure, paralysis, cognitive decline, and mortality. The common methods of treatment for such diseases include medication, surgery, invasive procedures, and therapies which promote and preserve the health of the patient. The health-care team consists of the patient’s family and primary physician as well as specialist physicians, nurses and others who have the necessary training and skills to fulfill the patient’s goals.